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Today, we are sharing information from DownlineFarm

DownlineFarm: “…Hello Downline Farm family,
I hope you’re all having a great weekend. This one’s mostly just for fun.
It’s a Lottery Pool, playing the Mega Millions American Lottery. It’s called Lottolishus. And it’s available worldwide.
Here’s the link:
I don’t know if we will someday add this program to Downline Farm. We will have to see how good it is first.
This Lottery pool has been in operation for nearly 10 years. And it has a very unique way of splitting the winnings.
Check out their video on how it works here:

If you decide to try it out, I wish you good luck and may you win a Huge jackpot.
Have a blessed day, Roberto Santana…”

DownlineFarm: “…Hi, Partner!
have you visited our newest page? It’s the
“Shop DLF” page.
This page will feature useful products and services for our members to purchase.
Our fist item is Bitcoin.
Buying Bitcoin can be extremely complicated. Until Now.
There’s a well established Bitcoin seller that is VERY easy to use, has extremely low fees, and all a person needs is a bank account.
The company is called Swan Bitcoin.
Downline Farm is now a registered affiliate of Swan Bitcoin. You can find it on the “Shop DLF” page.
Commissions earned from ALL PRODUCTS ON THE SHOP DLF PAGE will be shared with DLF members.
This will be done by adding up to 50% the the commissions we earn from the Shop DLF sales to our Profit Sharing Pool.
You can help us make the Shop DLF feature more profitable for all of us, even if you don’t purchase anything Yourself.
Here’s what you need to do to make this work:
Step #1:
Share our product links from the Shop DLF page in All of your Social Networks. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. etc. (You can share Anywhere else you want too)
Step #2:
Just kidding, there Is no step 2. Just SHARE the links. That’s it.
Sharing the Swan Bitcoin link is a Win Win Win situation:
]1) YOU WIN, not only from the profit sharing pool, but you become a Hero on your social networks, because many of your friends and followers are desperate to find an easy way to buy Bitcoin. This sets you up as a Liked and Trusted Influencer, which opens up your Other businesses to your followers.
2) Your social media followers win, for the above reason. Don’t let your friends and followers down. They are desperately trying to buy Bitcoin, as many of them know that this is a Once-In-A-Lifetime opportunity.
3) Downline Farm wins. And because this is YOUR business, when DLF wins YOU win (again).
Wow So Much Winning!
We are working on adding more exciting products and services to the “Shop DLF” area, but the success of this part of our business depends Heavily on our members sharing the links.
We can’t do it without you, so start sharing the Shop DLF links, and let the Winning begin.
Thank you in advance, as I’m confident there are enough Serious business builders here to make this new feature work. Specially since it costs you Nothing, Zero, to share our Shop DLF product links…”

DownlineFarm: “…Hi!
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with your Downline Farm referrals.
Affiliate marketing and MLM are RELATIONSHIP Businesses. You need to establish a good relationship with your team members.
Whether your company sells Advertising or Vitamins or whatever product or service it may be, the bread and butter of your business is YOUR TEAM, Not the products.
Any opportunity to assist your referrals in any way will only strengthen your relationship with them. You can also take this opportunity to tell them a little bit about one of your programs that you have added to DF, and on which list to find it (Traffic, Income, Bitcoin or PTC).
Do Not email them promotions about programs that are not in your Downline Farm programs list as that would be considered Spam.
Always direct them to check out your program through their DLF account and do not include a direct link to your program in your email.
Your Priority is always TO HELP YOUR REFERRALS, Not to over-pitch them your program.
I cannot tell you how important it is to build trust with your team members in your business. In fact, it may be The Single Most Important thing you can do for your long-term success.
In fact, if you can, offer ANY type of assistance to your downline, not just business help, but ANYTHING. And if they have a problem that you can’t help them with, tell them to post it on our “People Helping People” Forum.
Have a blessed day, Roberto Santana, Downline Farm…”

Have you wondered, what do the successful marketers know and have, and the others don’t?
Well, it is not a spell, neither is it a magic wand. Successful marketers have A LIST!
Yes, the money is in the list indeed, and AIOP gives you tools to build your own list! Let’s take a look, how it works.
To build a list, you should have at least 2 things:
1) A capture Page(also called opt-in or squeeze page).
2) An autoresponder.
Under the basic tools of AIOP you will find BOTH of them plus much more:
A page builder, autoresponder, tracker, rotator and premium web hosting.
With AIOP page builder, insert your text, pictures and/or videos, your autoresponder code, and you are ready to go!
How do you make someone understand that AIOP is one of the best programs on the Net?
AIOP is a legitimate company so it will not crumble/stall…..
This is simply one of the best programs most of us have ever seen online… period!
Check out AIOP in your Downline Farm Income Programs list.
]Join me now and you will not only be involved in one of the best online opportunities on the planet, but you’ll also have a complete marketing system because Downline Farm will contact your prospects for you regarding AIOP.
And if you choose to build your OWN list, which
I recommend, you can easily do it with the help of the AIOP video tutorials.
From this point YOU can start building Your Solid
Regular Residual Income, take control of your money, using AIOP web tools while you earn 100% commission in AIOP.
YOU will be paid for ALL Referrals in your powerline/downline,
NOT 1 passed to you, 2 passed to you, NOT 3 or 4 but they pay you for ALL the referrals that are passed up to you! And they pay you $10 for EACH ONE TO INFINITY!!!
All this for an affordable $10 monthly membership.
Just think, how many companies are paying you $10 for Each referral for as little as $10 (plus $1.75 processing fee) monthly? AIOP does this!
]It’s simply a case of DO YOU want to start making money every month?
]Check out AIOP in your Community Programs page.
The “Even Up” Compensation Plan is a DREAM… it simply WORKS!
Check out the video:

This is real, the company is real, the people are real…the opportunity to make a lot of money is REAL!!!
God bless you, Roberto Santana…”

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