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Here is just one small quotation from the article: “…Celebrities who were reduced to doing demeaning jobs to make money after failed Hollywood careers

Whether it’s because they were shunned from the industry due to a scandal or because their careers simply fizzled out, many of Hollywood’s once-great actors and musicians have been forced to make money in other ways.

Some of the world’s biggest stars have had to trade in their glamorous lives to instead work demeaning jobs like cashiers, salesman, and even waiters after their careers came crumbling down – certainly a very different lifestyle than they were used to.
Take former Sex and the City actor Chris Noth, for example. The once-beloved star – who played Mr. Big in the popular franchise – recently got mocked by trolls after he shared a video of himself promoting a card game app to Instagram, one year after he was hit with multiple sexual assault allegations.

Social media users banded the post as a ‘desperate’ move to make money after five women came forward in December 2021 to accuse him of assault, which he later denied.

Sex and the City’s Chris Noth promoted a card game app on Instagram, and he’s not the only celebrity to turn to other methods to make money after a failed career in Hollywood

Noth is just one of the many stars who have turned to other methods to make ends meet after a long fall from grace.

After starring in the 2017 flick Call Me By Your Name, Armie Hammer was on the path to become Hollywood’s next golden boy – but his sudden popularity was ripped away when he was accused of rape and cannibalism by multiple women, resulting in him fleeing to the Cayman Islands where he started working as a timeshare salesman.

Other stars – like The Cosby Show’s Geoffrey Owens, who was spotted working at Trader Joe’s in 2018, and Boy Meets World alum Danielle Fishel, who had a brief stint wrapping presents at Bloomingdales after the show ended in 2000 – weren’t forced to step out of the limelight due to controversy, but instead, they struggled to land more roles after being propelled into the spotlight, ultimately leading to them having to make a living in other ways.

Some Hollywood legends – like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory alum Peter Ostrum, who now works as a vet, tending to cattle and horses, and Summerland actress Kay Panabaker, who is a Disney World employee – simply realized acting wasn’t for them, and left on their own accord to pursue other careers.

As Noth comes under fire for his latest attempt to make money, FEMAIL has uncovered all the other celebrities who were reduced to working normal jobs following a successful career in the spotlight.

Sex and the City’s Chris Noth is promoting apps on Instagram following accusations that he sexually assaulted five different women…”

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