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Alex Mackay

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My name is Alex Mackay and I’m an internet marketer.

I was born in Devizes, Wiltshire way back in 1966. I’m just an ordinary down-to-earth type of chap. I’ve been married and divorced and have two children whom I love very much. My children live in Lancashire and I spent seven years fighting for access to be able to see them for one weekend per month. The struggle ended up breaking me both financially and mentally. I resigned from my fulltime job and took a 13 week backpacking tour around the world to find myself again with my final month’s salary.

Distancing myself from my predicament enabled me to obtain a clearer picture and be more objective about how my life had turned out. When I returned from my travels, I had a new-found energy and enthusiasm. It was easier to accept my position. After a further two court cases, I went back to working with a property developer for a few years but always knew there was something more for me than just exchanging my time for money day in, day out.

I began developing an interest in internet marketing.

Over the next several years, I spent thousands of pounds on different internet marketing products. One evening, in March 2016, I received an email and ended up attending a Dean Holland Webinar. I can’t remember where my invitation for the Dean Holland webinar came from as I started watching it late at night, whilst in bed. I realised that this was just what was needed. Having built various websites over the previous few years, with very limited success, I realised that having professionally built websites was the way forward. I had only ventured into PLR (Private Label Rights) at this point.

However, I noticed that there is a glut of mediocre stuff on the internet and other people selling exactly the same stuff. After a light bulb moment, I was hooked on the idea of joining an affiliate program that went so much further than just a first and second tier commission. The ready-made, high quality training products and recurring revenue streams, along with high ticket back-end offers were immense and unheard of and the product delivery fulfillment were all bonuses. The training that was available was second to none!

I applied for a position by phone as a Masters Partner in March 2016. During the phone call, I decided to extend my membership to the higher level. Having a team that was working on new products and having various options, including membership sites where commissions would be ongoing, would enable me to concentrate on the traffic whilst everything else would be fulfilled by Internet Profits. This was the turning point for me. I ventured into the training and have never looked back!

Results start pouring in and I began to optimise these to increase my profits. Dean Holland, my friend and partner, offers unrivalled training for anybody from a newbie startup to someone who has a high level of attainment or even a few failures.

I’ve decided, whole-heartedly, that I want to tell the world about it as this training system works for anybody prepared to put in the time and effort.

I hope you benefit from all of this just as I have.

To your success, Alex…”

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