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Blockchain Council: “…According to Gartner, Metaverse was one of the top five emerging trends and technologies for 2022. With the new year the hype is increasing as well. Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a part of this exciting and in-demand industry? Well, now is your chance!

Become a Certified Metaverse Expert™ with Blockchain Council and gain a deep understanding of the Metaverse technology, its potential use cases and applications. Powered by cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, AI and IoT, Metaverse is changing the way we interact with the digital world.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and become an expert in the most sought-after field.

Enroll in our interactive live training tailored just for you and be a part of the revolution that is shaping the future of the digital world. Get ready to unleash your full potential and join the league of certified experts today!

Click here to register for the Certified Metaverse Expert™ training and take the first step towards a bright future.
Certification benefits:
✔ Grasp an in-depth understanding of Metaverse
✔ Have a detailed overview of different use-cases of Metaverse
✔ Have an overview of different types of associated technologies

What’s in it for you?
✔ Blockchain Council Certification
✔ Live training session
✔ Lifetime access to course content
✔ Lifetime certification validity
✔ 24*7 Support for your queries

Save 30% | Use Coupon Code: EDU30…”

The Linux Foundation: “…Hello!
The February promo starts February 21, 2023. Grab the deal graphic from ShareAsale using the link below.The landing page will have the password removed at midnight tonight! Check out the details below:
STARTING February 21, 2023
Promotion Details
Link to Detailed Landing Page
Deal: Save 50% on bootcamps and bundles and 30% on SkillCreds and certifications.
Promo code: AWARDS23
Promo code: AWARDCERT23
Begins: 02/21
Ends: 02/28…”

International Open Academy : “…New Course Alert: NFTs: Essentials for Beginners

It might seem like NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are everywhere nowadays. NFTs caught fire recently with a range of influential builders, creatives, and influencers joining the scene and generating so much buzz that the Collins English Dictionary named “NFT” its 2021 Word of the Year.

But do people know what they’re talking about when apparently only 1 in 4 U.S. adults can actually say what an NFT is?

Enter Crypto Marina, your NFT expert. Her NFT: Essentials for Beginners course will give you a working knowledge of exactly what NFTs are, how we use them, and ways you can get in on the action (and start making money) in this growing online space…”

Eventtrix: “…Try the Business and Professional Development Bundle today
Starting your own business can be daunting, especially when there are so many variables to consider: market research, funding, budgets and cash flow, writing a business plan, developing your brand, pricing your products, hiring employees, creating a website, social media engagement, public relations, the list goes on.
Lucky for you, we’ve got plenty of courses that can break these complex ideas down into bite size pieces. Right now, you can get our top six business courses for only €49.
That includes…
Start Your Business
Market Your Business
Accounting and Bookkeeping
HR & Payroll Management
Business Pricing Strategies
Public Relations…”

Yeners Way Cake Tutorials: “…Hey!
Just a quick follow up on our last email.
Regarding the URL change from to, which happened a few months ago, we wanted to let you know that if you have any links set up on your website or blog, if possible, be sure to update the links to include the www.
Reason being, if the www. is not there, and you are trying to direct referrals to a specific page (ie. a specific tutorial), your referral should still work, but the person who clicks the link will be taken to the homepage rather than the page you linked to.
So to be clear, if you have any links placed anywhere on the internet with your affiliate link that is directing people to on an on going basis, just adjust them to include the www. part so that the link works properly.
Thank you, Yeners Way…”

Social Media Calendar: “…This online course is for you if you want to build an online business with passive income.
(90 days from now, your friends and colleagues will be asking how you did it.)
On Sale Now!
Was $149.00 Now $59.00
Buy now with the early bird price!
In this course, world’s most successful Canva Creator and template business owner, Jerry Hietaniemi, will share all his secrets for building a profitable online business.
This online course is a perfect choice for anyone who is willing to build a (passive) online business and make their living by selling digital products.
You can earn up to $5k-$10k/month with Canva templates in 90 days. Best ones will eventually reach 6-figures in revenue in 1-2 years.
In this course, Jerry will reveal how he build $3M Canva template business in less than 2 years.
How to build a business
How to plan and design stunning templates
Where to sell your templates
How to market your products
Together over 25 videos and over 3 hours of content (+ additional resources).
Start a (passive) online business already today and make your dreams come true!”

Story Xperiential: “…
Go Inside:
See award-winning work from our Animated Storytelling Course
Create your own story & build your portfolio!
During our recent online course where you follow the process used at Pixar to make an original story, top participant work won Peer Recognition Awards.
See Top Participant Work:
Watch Elixir. Magic and a divining rod lead a boy and his father on a quest for water. The desire to control that water leads to…
See Participant Work
Work at your own pace on assignments to build your storyreel following the process Pixar uses to make their films…”

edX: “…Hope you are doing great!
This is Pragati, representing the Affiliate Marketing team of Edureka.
We appreciate your valuable contribution in promoting our online courses to your consumers and have long considered you as a valuable partner. In order to encourage more enthusiasm and in turn gain your extra efforts in promoting our courses, we are conducting a bonus campaign valid from 22/02/2023 through 28/02/2023 (In this, you’ll be getting an additional payout apart from your regular commissions). The details of the bonus campaign have been shared below. Hoping to see your best efforts in supporting our campaign.
Below is the Bonus slab distribution for you:
Upto 5 Sales $30.00 of bonus
Upto 10 Sales $60.00 of bonus
Upto 15 Sales $100.00 of bonus
Offers to be promoted:
1. Offer: Advance your AI Knowledge with Edureka. Avail Flat 25% OFF on ChatGPT Certification. Use Code: TECHIE25
Coupon Code: TECHIE25
Link Id: 609
2. Get up to 25% off on All Certification Courses.
Link ID: 585
3. Get up to 20% off on All Master Programs.
Link ID: 586
4. Save more with your VISA Card on certification and master’s programs.
Link ID: 587
5.Save more with your MASTER Card on certification and master’s programs.
Link ID: 588
6. Save more with your AMEX Card on all masters programs.
Use code: EDUAMEX
Link ID: 590
7. Flat 30% Off on certification and master courses.
Use code: MONTHEND
Link ID: 601
We hope you are able to take full advantage of these resources and make the most out of our Affiliate Program.
If you have any other queries, do let us know. We’ll be happy to be of assistance!
Edureka Affiliate Marketing Team…”

Blockchain Council: “…Greetings!
We are grateful to affiliates for providing us top placements, increase in banner placements & using coupon codes to generate better revenue. In respect to that we have increased there affiliate commission to 25%, and in one month with good performance, we are looking for pro affiliates joining the 30% commission mark.
If you want to join the 25% commission affiliate group, reply to us with better placement & performance offers.
Regards, Blockchain Council Team…”

101 Blockchains: “…Dear Affiliates,
Hope you’re doing well!
With the increasing demand for blockchain professionals with DAO skills, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new DAO Fundamentals Course.
This course by Joe Holbrook (Senior Instructor) is an immersive course designed to comprehensively teach how Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) work and how they empower businesses.
Here’s what students will learn in the DAO Fundamentals Course
Identification of favorable opportunities for mounting DAOs
DAO basics, how it works, and methods for starting a DAO
The History and evolution of DAOs, types, and their impact
Challenges for mass adoption of DAOs and their future
Insights into the DAO ecosystem, its use cases, and best practices
Please find the Text Link for DAO Fundamentals Course in our DataFeed.
You can start promoting DAO Fundamentals Course in your Blog, social media, email etc and earn a good commission.
Do you need any assistance from us to promote 101 Blockchains better? Feel free to write back to me, I’ll be more than happy to help.
Thank you!
Regards,Amit Kr, Affiliate Manager, E:…”

100 ITEMS UNDER $10!
Free Shipping On Orders $79+ Using Code: FREE79! Hurry Offers End Soon! Shop Now At Really Good Stuff!”

edX: “Hi!
Setting goals and striving to achieve them isn’t just for January — it’s an evolving process that rewards your hard work at every step of the journey. Take your next step towards success by developing new skills and knowledge to keep you moving forward.
Ready to turn your plans into actions? Between February 20 and February 27, 2023, take 20% off top programs and courses.*
Use offer code EDX2023…”

Daily High Club: “…The verdict is in and it’s official, the products that received the most Highline love this week are:
Your Night Oil is a Godsend for me. It takes about a half hour to kick in a very natural manner, no side effects or heaviness waking up in the morning either. I am up at 5am to start my day. Thank You HighLine Wellness for creating such an exceptionally diversified product line.
– Cathy L.
I was skeptical at first however I was extremely happy with this product. It gave me energy without the jitters and I felt calm when I’m always anxious and exhausted as a stay at home mom. Happy customer!
– Ann B.
Great for a sinus/congestion headache… I got this just in time! My mother in law lovingly gave us all a cold over Christmas! I kept this rubbed on my temples and forehead and could definitely tell a difference! I highly recommend keeping a bottle of this on hand!
– Marsha
You can earn 250 points for writing a review when you sign up to our rewards program!
Be sure to check it out if you haven’t joined yet. Serious points could be waiting for you!”

Teachable: “…Hi!
​As we wrap up February, I wanted to highlight a quick way to earn more commission as a Teachable Partner. Referring a Teachable Pro plan more than doubles your earnings per sale in comparison to a Basic plan and our creators love it for a few different reasons:
1. It allows them to sell unlimited courses and downloads
2. There are zero transaction fees
​Teachable Pro Discount​
Creators can use the code MAGIC10 to receive 10% off their first year of Teachable Pro.
​​Affiliate Tracking Link​
Use your tracking link below to promote Teachable Pro to your audience:
​​Email Templates​
Promote Teachable Pro and its benefits by using the email template attached—just copy them and add in your own information and affiliate link.
​As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!
​Best, Crystal at Teachable…”

Revolut: “…Revolut Update
Dear Partner,
You may have noticed a decrease in tracked actions for performance since mid-Jan up until the end of last week.
This is due to some changes that we made to our FTP allowing for some singular customer actions to be listed as more than one action. We have since worked with Impact to ensure that all duplicates were removed.
The changes to the FTP have been reversed so this issue should not persist or reoccur. Apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused.
Thanks, The Revolut Affiliate Team…”

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