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RyderWear: “…Good morning Publishers,
Hope you all are having a great day so far. Just a quick update email to ensure all publishers are utilising all banners and text links in the program. We are seeing great results pulling through WoW so keep up the great work!
Nonetheless enjoy the rest of your day!
Thanks and have a great day
Performance Marketing Coordinator | Affiliate Marketing Manager
(+61) 0421 126 988
5 Kortum Dr, Burleigh Heads, QLD 4220…”

: “…Head down the right path
Growing your skills is always a good idea. But knowing where to start can be half the battle—so we teamed up with Microsoft and fought it for you.
Our Azure paths were created to help you get up to speed and develop practical cloud computing skills. They lay out what you should learn and in what order, depending on whether you’re a beginner, novice or expert—so you can reach a new level sooner without wasting time covering things you already know.
You ready?”

Instant Checkmate: “…Hi!
Erica from Instant Checkmate here (Impact ID: 15721). I’m reaching out today since our Development team is making security updates to our site. If you’re using the technique of iFraming to replicate any of our websites listed below, please reach out to me immediately.
Instant Checkmate
To further enhance our security efforts, we’re in the process of blacklisting all iFrame techniques and want to assure your traffic is not impacted.
If you have any questions at all, please let me know. As always, thank you for your efforts in promoting the PeopleConnect brands.
Thank you, Erica,…”

Stardock: “…Hello Affiliate Partners,
From today to March 1st, 2023, we are running a 25% sale on our most popular product – Fences . The coupon code for this promotion is FENCES4FEB.
Let me know if you have any questions or how else we can expand our partnership.
Thanks, Brad Sams, VP & General Manager, Stardock Software,…”

Eat Me Guilt Free: “…Hi EMGF Affiliates,
Hoping this message finds you all doing excellent and thriving in 2023! We wanted to let you all know that we’ll be moving our affiliate marketing program to a new platform, We’ve used ShareASale, as well as Impact, for the past year or so, however we’ve decided it would be smartest to move all of our affiliate marketing operations to ShareASale. The service is free to use, and still allows us to assign each of you unique codes for the sales you facilitate to be tracked, continuing your commissions earnings. We’d like to have this move complete by next week, so please get back to us with any and all questions or concerns that you may have! You can reach me best at, feel free to message me any time!
Thanks so much, Jorge Garcia,
Eat Me Guilt Free, Affiliate Marketing…”
(And we, by the way, remove Eat Me Guilt Free program from our Impact brands)

Empower: “…Hi!
You may have noticed: Personal Capital is now Empower!
Now is the time to begin updating all your content featuring Personal Capital to the new Empower brand guidelines:
All mentions of Personal Capital should be updated to Empower
​Please do not use “formerly Personal Capital”. Verbiage such as “Personal Capital is now Empower” is approved.
The Personal Capital free dashboard is now the free Empower Personal Dashboard™
All Personal Capital logos should be updated to the below Empower logo
Old images of the free dashboard should be updated to new images of the Empower Personal Dashboard
Continue using your links from Impact as usual…”

ExamEdge:”…Hello Exam Edge affiliates!
Are your audiences looking for ways to elevate their careers? Are they investing in themselves and taking the next step in continuing education?
One of the more popular test subjects at Exam Edge is the Human Resources subject. Exam Edge has one of the most helpful and popular SHRM practice exams on the market and would help any HR professional who plans to take the Society for Human Resource Management exam. AND before you buy one of our complete SHRM practice exams, you can try out one of our FREE SHRM practice tests!
Here are some helpful links you can use to promote these great deals in exchange for premium commission:
Save 10% Use promo code SAVE-SHRM when shopping for your SHRM Business Certification Exam…”

Eventtrix: “…Show your commitment to learning with these accreditation options…
Did you know individuals with higher qualifications and more experience are more likely to earn higher wages? Competition for almost any job is stiff, and certification shows that you have better knowledge than others.
We offer a number of ways for you to validate your knowledge with high-quality, affordable accreditation options. These internationally recognised certificates and transcripts increase and validate market value and act as a visible acknowledgment of your achievement. Try them today to get certified…”

Teachable: “…Gabby Beckford on teaching others to travel solo
I’m Gabby Beckford, and I teach people how to make travel happen through inspirational, empowering, and innovative travel tips! My Teachable school, the Packs Light School, contains courses, get-started guides, digital downloads, and tell-all programs that break down my expertise in travel: solo travel, becoming a digital nomad, and traveling via scholarships in grants at any age.
I say that I specialize in “empowering edutainment” because I teach my material in a way that is accessible, engaging, entertaining, and always with optimism and good vibes. I believe my students are capable of anything and inherently deserve everything, and I’m here to help them reach their goals.
I’ve always loved to travel, but as I got into high school, I realized that I’d have to find opportunities to travel without my family. I began to learn more about the different types of travel, and that’s when I discovered niche online communities of Black adventurers who were equally obsessed with travel as I am…”

Holly and Hugo: “… Do you think your audience is affected by the recession? If so, Holly and Hugo is what they need! In the face of this grim economic outlook, it’s crucial to take action to protect individuals’ finances, and this includes thinking about our pets. Caring for your fluffy friends is getting pricier, with Holly and Hugo getting the skills to take care of them with our accredited online courses is easy and affordable. And you can even make your side hustle in pet care!
Why Holly and Hugo? It offers the best online accredited courses for pets parents and animal care professionals. We find that students and families are more cost conscious and that’s why we bring our courses at an affordable price for everyone.
How do I share this with my audience?
They will get any single course for $24.99 or all for only $69.
Ad Link:
If you need an alternative offer or assets, please contact us and we’ll arrange it for you. Thanks for spreading the word!
Best, Holly and Hugo Affiliate Team,…”

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