MoneyMaking, Mixed News, 23.02.2023

Before you will read the next MoneyMaking Mixed information from Levelnaut website, we want to remind you what is all that about.
The matter is, we at LEENjoy have been constantly selecting and testing MoneyMaking website to Big Aff List and then sending to the following categories affiliate marketing tools, promo tools, traffic sources and others.
So, in the Moneymaking rubrics, you can read some hot newsletters, updates, reviews, offers, tips, guides and so on. Sometimes we publish materials of one program or project, sometimes we make the mixed collecton of the last couple days.
Today, we are sharing the Mixed Collection.

TrafficPillars: “…We are pleased to announce that we have updated our Daily Surf Prizes! We have reduced the amount of ad visits from 50 to 30!
Simply put, just visit at least 30 ads per day (Text Ads, Banner Ads, Profile Links, Solo Ads, Full Page Surf Ads etc.) and you will be automatically entered into our DAILY prize drawing.
Prizes can range from FREE Credits, Banner Impressions, Text Impressions, Solo Ads, Login Ads, Full Page Views and even Gift Slots!
All for doing nothing more than earning yourself some ad credits by visiting other member ads!
We even added a Daily Draw Bar to your member’s area to help you keep track of your ad visits for you.
We hope you enjoy the new updates as there will be more to follow. Enjoy our site and Happy Surfing!
Sincerely, Support
P.O. Box 296 Vienna, VA 22183…”

TopDogsRotator: “…Hi there,
This is what you are looking for, a simple way to generate more traffic.
Not to take up your time or worse, waste it.
Safelists . com just opened on Feb 11th and it’s ALL about you and your sites only.
~ Multiple source advertising
Ads shown on a (very, very active) 21 website network
~ Set-it-and-forget-it advertisingJust put in your sites, get your traffic.
~ Fill in just one form, just 1 time.
It’s blasted using multi method technology.
Thank you for being a member, Maryanne Myers…”

DownlineFarm : “…Hi!
I hope you are having a wonderful week.
We have added an “Ad This” sharing bar to all of our splash pages.
This gives you a completely Free way to promote your Downline Farm business to your social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
Here’s how easy it is:
Step 1: Open your splash page
Step 2: Click on the social network icons of your choice.
Step 3: Share
This does not costs you a single penny or more than 5 seconds of your time, yet promotes your business on THE BIGGEST NETWORKS ON THE PLANET.
Remember that Downline Farm promotes your OTHER businesses too, so ignoring this Free & Easy way of promoting your business is nothing short of foolish.
We will continue to add tools that make it easier for you to succeed online.
Have a blessed day, Roberto Santana…”

EasyHits4U: “…Collecting Badges and Activity XP
Wondering what is the Badges section in your dashboard about?
Every time a new action is completed (add first website, banner or text ad, submit your first review, add first bookmarks, etc.), you receive a special badge and collect XP points.
As soon as you collect a certain amount of XP, your activity level increases, and you automatically receive bonus credits, banner and text ad impressions. For example, you may receive 500 bonus, 7500 banner impressions, 7500 text ad impressions for achieving the 5th activity level.
Your current activity level is displayed in the dashboard, profile menu and profile page. You can check available badges to collect, the current amount of XPs and how much XPs you need to collect for the next level in your dashboard after sign-in.
Your previous actions count! Visit the Badges section and have our state-of-the-art system analyze your recent activity and assign your level and badges!
🌟 Check your level
Our Drawing Winner
Congratulations to this week’s winner Jpaman who received 5000 bonus credits + 5000 banner impressions + 5000 text ad impressions.
For every 1000 credits you purchase, m you receive one ticket for the drawing! The Weekly Drawing Prize is 5000 credits + 5000 banner impressions + 5000 text ad impressions (a value of $33.95) every week.
The Monthly Drawing Prize is 6 months of Premium membership (a value of $41.95) or 3 months Ultimate membership (a value of $54.95) for Ultimate members…”

LinkTree: “…Do more with your links
Here are five simple ways to get more from your links with Linktree.
1. Prioritize them
Animate or spotlight a link to draw attention to your most important project, cause or offer. Your visitors will know exactly which link to click first.
Prioritize them
Schedule them
2. Schedule them
Set the start and end time for the visibility of your link. Your links can go live whenever you want, for however long.
3. Redirect them
Send your visitors straight to one link when they click your Linktree profile. No more swapping out your link in bio for those special occasions.
Redirect them
Lock them
4. Lock them
Give your visitors a heads up before they open sensitive content, or lock your links with an exclusive code or date of birth.
5. Measure them
Monitor your clicks and views with Link Analytics and understand what resonates with your visitors so you can give them more of what they love!”

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