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Babbel: “… Dear Partner,
Starting March 1st, the Babbel Affiliate Program commission structure will be changed, specifically in the payout logic. We encourage you to promote longer-period subscriptions and will reward you accordingly for generating these purchases.
The base rate for a 6-month subscription will be increased to 40 €. However, the payout for different subscription lengths will vary:
Lifetime offer: 75 €
12 months: 50 €
3 months: 20 €
1 month: 10 €
The payout for Babbel Live will remain unchanged at 80 € per sale.
If you have further questions, contact
Regards, Babbel Affiliate Team…”

Blockchain Council: “…The future of technology is calling, and it’s time to answer. Join the revolution of technology-based applications and become a Certified Blockchain Expert ™ . With the increasing demand for Blockchain professionals, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to advance your career.

Click here to become a Certified Blockchain Expert™
From digital identity to supply chain management, from smart contracts to payment systems, Blockchain is changing the way we do business.

With the Certified Blockchain Expert ™ Interactive Live Training, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and earn a prestigious certification that sets you apart from the rest. What else? Get the exclusive chance to clarify your queries from the experts.

The global spending on Blockchain solutions will reach $19 billion by 2024. Join the Blockchain Council and unlock multiple career opportunities in this rapidly growing field.

Take control of your future and join the Blockchain revolution. Register now to become a Certified Blockchain Expert ™

Save 30% | Coupon Code: EDU30…”

Christy Dawn : “…How can WE work together?
What do you need for promotion?
Let us know if you need certain creative images or if you need us to create a text link assigned to just you. Or if you just want to bounce some ideas, we are here for that too.
How much time do you need to promote the brand?
We do our best to let our affiliate partners know the latest promotions for Christy Dawn as soon as possible, let us know what your timeline is when you are working on some content promoting the brand.

Want to receive a product to review?

Gifting is always what we hear from our partners, and I get it, you want to speak from experience with the brand. If you wish to request a product to review, please complete a form here. However, Christy Dawn is a sustainably run brand, we are very limited in our gifting capabilities. We may make recommendations back to you based on what we have in stock.

All requests are still subject to review before approval by the account manager and the Christy Dawn team…”

Hotwire: “…Heart Healthy Deals Part 3!
It’s all about the heart this month and Nested Naturals has part 3 of these heart-healthy offers that help you convert sales and earn a 15% commission. This includes subscriptions on which you receive a recurring commission on!

Affiliate Only Friday Freebie Offer
Free Omega-3 with the purchase of Heart Superfood Tonic! Links are below

Still live – 20% OFF our most popular Heart Superfood Tonic still available through 2/26/23. This product is HOT so make sure you are sharing it with your audience.

Check out our Super Reishi feature in People Espanòl.

11 Beauty and Wellness Brand to Stock Up on in 2023

Super Reishi is featured as a super [food] promoting healthy living with the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep you aging healthy.


Don’t see something you like? Send me a request and I will accommodate your needs as quickly as possible.

Thanks for being a valued Partner!

Michelle J Davulis
Nested Naturals Affiliate Program Manager,…”

Story Xperiential: “…Learn from Pros: Register for Animated Storytelling Course
Participants can join live, bi-weekly livestreams with master storytellers from Pixar, Blue Sky Studios, Dreamworks, Netflix, Baobab Studios & Locksmith Animation, and more! Plus we have dozens of on demand videos from these pros to help you every step of the way.
Christian Roman
Currently at Pixar where he has worked on Toy Story 3 & 4, Christian directed and executive produced the Disney Channel show American Dragon: and designed the. main characters and directed all 26 episodes of Disney’s Fillmore!”

Luminar: “…Luminar Neo update 1.7.0
Hope you are doing well!
We have some exciting news! Today we will release the new update, 1.7.0 for Luminar Neo at 18:00 CET (under embargo until the release time) which brings new plugin functionalities, presets preview, bug fixes and many more.
Update 1.7.0 for Luminar Neo
You can now use the HDR Merge, Focus Stacking, and Upscale AI Extensions not only directly in Luminar Neo but also from the Lightroom plugin. Achieve even more impressive results with any editing workflow.
To make editing with Presets even faster and more convenient, you can now scroll down the list of Presets and view the effect of each Preset on your photo on hover, without needing to click and apply it.
Overall, Luminar Neo 1.7.0 is faster and more stable when applying the first edit, making further edits and managing the Edit History, reapplying effects, and editing photos that contain people.
Last but not least, we’ve fixed a number of bugs so Luminar Neo runs even more smoothly. Enjoy your editing!
Bug Fixes
For MacOS :
On macOS Mojave, Catalina, and Big Sur, you can now work with raw images in PSD format without encountering crashes.
Images from the Photoshop plugin now contain the alpha channel.
Click the Show and Hide actions in the Exif panel without causing the Catalog to change position.
Enable Auto Distortion Correction without impacting performance.
Use the Optics tool, Body AI, or Face AI without loss of detail at the edges of objects on images with an alpha channel.
The effects of Transform and Optics in the Develop Raw tool are retained when you apply the first non-raw tools to a photo.
Create images with the Focus Stack Extension without artifacts appearing.
Apply advanced settings in the Glow tool with the Amount slider set to zero without modifying image colors.
Bug fixes for Windows:
Open images in Luminar Neo as a Photoshop plugin without orientation issues.
When working in Luminar Neo as a Photoshop plugin, add a layer with transparency without a black image appearing.
Reconnect a storage device and see folders on your network attached storage.
Enable Auto Distortion Correction without impacting performance.
Use the Optics tool, Body AI, or Face AI without loss of detail at the edges of objects for images with an alpha channel.
Effects of the Develop Raw tool’s Transform and Optics sliders are retained when you apply the first non-raw tools to a photo.
Create images with the Focus Stack Extension without artifacts appearing.
Apply advanced Glow tool settings with the Amount slider set to zero without modifying image colors.
1 year anniversary offer
And Don’t forget that we still have our 1 year anniversary running till the 28th of February!
Get a special discount on the software, Extensions, Marketplace items and X Membership. It is a limited-time offer tocelebrate the anniversary of Luminar Neo’s launch.

❯ Annual Explore subscription – 99 $/€ (119)/year + 1 year free + Creative Anniversary Collection
❯ Monthly Explore subscription – 9.95 $/€ /month + 1 month free + Creative Anniversary Collection
❯ Annual Pro subscription – 119 $/€ (149)/year + 1 year free + Creative Anniversary Collection
❯ Monthly Pro subscription – 14.95 $/€ /month + 1 month free + Creative Anniversary Collection
❯ Luminar Neo Lifetime purchase – 149 $/€ (199) + Magic Light extension for free + Creative Anniversary Collection…”

FunnyFuzzy: “… Dear Partner!

Thank you for joining our FunnyFuzzy affiliate program and it has been a great pleasure to work with you.
To better improve your promotion, we have updated the latest 20% Off New Customer Coupon(Code: WELCOME20)
and Product Catalog in Impact(Campaign ID 18110). Kindly download and update it in your website.

More coupon information, you can check the google drive below.
Daily coupons:

Please let me know how we can cooperate for better promotion and transaction. Feel free to contact, if you need any other support from us. Thank you!
Best Regards, Ellie…”

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