How and Why Start to Learn Code This Year

Many of LEENjoy followers, participants of the project, Levelnaut subscribers have already taken the decision to learn code. Majority of the have already chosen technical platforms and
technical courses

Especially for those people, who haven’t defined yet we want to share a very interesting information published recently at Udacity multi training platform.

Why learn to code in 2023?

By Kate Reardon

Coding makes it possible to access and interact with websites. Like this one. Different kinds of code tell a computer what actions to take. Writing the code is just like writing instructions. As a coder, you can create websites and apps, process data, and complete plenty of other useful—and lucrative—tasks.

Global tech jobs have grown exponentially over the past decade. And there is no end in sight. One of the best things about these roles is that they often don’t require a computer science degree.

Companies need to close talent gaps with job-ready digital skills—not university experience. Beginners can build the skills they need to land a high-paying job in just a few months learning part-time, on their schedule, through Udacity online programs.

Let’s break down the key reasons beginning or advancing a career in coding is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss:

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