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Here is just one small quotation from the article: “…What Is Crossfit Training?

CrossFit is a variety of functional movements carried out at high intensity constantly. All CrossFit exercises are originated from functional movements and these movements are inspired by the most effective elements of gymnastics, weight lifting, walking, rowing, running, and much more, as explained by the crossfit experts. This activity is carried out by moving as much weight as possible with the distance as far as possible, so they are suitable for optimizing the amount of training carried out in a short time.

The greater the exercise or expenditure of power, the more intense the effort is made. Using an approach to variations in exercise, functional movements, and intensity, this exercise makes a huge advantage in fitness. In the meantime, if you’re a woman who enjoys crossfit training, we recommend you to buy the best crossfit shoes women.

Tips for trying CrossFit exercises

If you have never tried CrossFit before and want to make sure this is the right exercise for you, here are some tips for staying safe in doing so:

Go to several different gym venues. Talk to the coach to find out in full what the purpose of this exercise is. Most Crossfit gyms definitely offer free introductory classes, this is the time for you to meet your prospective CrossFit trainer.

Be sure to make your coach know if you have had an injury before trying to do the exercises. If you had a serious injury, it’s good to talk to your doctor before deciding to join this high-intensity program.

Before trying this exercise, you must have a basic understanding of general fitness and also the scale of the exercise. The scale of exercise is widely discussed in CrossFit culture, which means that you as a beginner cannot lift the same weight as those who have been practicing for years. This also applies to know the intensity and when your body has reached its maximum capacity….”

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