Some More Students Cases from Udacity

Yesterday we shared with you some cases from Coursera and today is the гект ща Udacity online multi training platform.

Student stories: From IT support to front end developer in under a year.

By Kate Reardon

Tech scholarships that go beyond.
Feeling stagnant in your career? You’re not alone. Shamena Smoot saw more for herself on the horizon and knew she had to take action to get there. So she applied for the OneTen Scholarship—built for Black job-seekers interested in tech but lacking the 4-year degree to reach their goals.

She was accepted into the program and hasn’t looked back since. Now she is a front end web developer. She not only has boosted her salary but found fulfillment in her new job. In her new role, her innate creativity is truly able to shine through—the cherry on top.

You’re next.
OneTen, the Blacks In Technology Foundation, and Udacity are partnering to award more Black scholarships in 2023. Learners interested in the following topics are encouraged to apply:

Business Analytics
Digital Marketing
Front End Web Development
The chance to fill tech talent gaps.
The tech industry offers some of the fastest-growing and in-demand employment opportunities today. And there are plenty of open roles globally. But no one to fill them. Plus, people of color are underrepresented in these industries.

That’s where the OneTen Scholarship comes in. The goal? To change the face of tech and disrupt the status quo.

Career impact. For real.
Learners, like Shamena, who have completed Nanodegree programs have enjoyed a number of positive career and life developments, including:

Beginning new, high-paying careers in tech
Winning promotions based on their new skills
Earning higher salaries
Working in flexible and/or remote positions
Having more options available when job hunting
Ready to take the next step in your career? Apply for the OneTen Scholarship program today.

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