Dear readers! Here we place the book by Boris Siomin “New Year – Every Three Months”. Enjoy reading and don’t hesitate to write your comments.

Introduction. Where are we going?

Chapter 1. It Couldn’t Be Easier

Chapter 2. I Need Nothing

Chapter 3. Creative robots or why tomatoes do not work?

Chapter 4. The Arithmetic of Love

Chapter 5. It’s a pity to screw up…

Chapter 6. The Game Booster — to help you

Chapter 7. The challenge is accepted!

Chapter 8. Multi-goal justifies all the means

Chapter 9. The Power of Good Habits

Chapter 10. Partner and jiay — what’s the difference?

Chapter 11. Who is a jiay?

Chapter 12. New Year — every three months

Chapter 13. Elprentice is an apprentice

Chapter 14. What sponsor do you mean?

Chapter 15. Elevents, lifehacks, chips

Chapter 16. It’s time to go to base

Chapter 17. Branding-Schmending

Conclusion. Thanks to everyone!