Important Information

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Quests in Elven Land

First of all, I want to share the Quest coin Description in Elven Land. It sounds this way: Q – QUEST is a coin that the residents of Elven land receive by completing various tasks in both the real and the virtual world. Information – Keter Hosea (Telegram – @hoseaketer or e-mail And here is more detailed explanation by Keter Hosea (Quest Coin manager in Elven Land) QUEST QUEST is a special and exclusive token to reward community members for achieving special tasks which make people to appreciate the ElvenLand project. In other words, it’s a token for people … Continue reading Quests in Elven Land

Are you a crypto writer?

📚Are you a cryptocurrency content or copy writer? Can you write engaging content that keeps the reader glued to it? 😉If your answer is yes, read on. Elven Land is looking for talented writers to write content about the project. We’ll provide you with resources and answer your questions on the project. You’ll be expected to:1️⃣ Choose a topic on Elven Land and the projects within it.2️⃣ Join all elven land groups so that you can updated on all the events happening in the groups.3️⃣ Write a 300-500 word article. It can be longer, depending on what you are talking … Continue reading Are you a crypto writer?

Best Websites for Promotion

You can find the best sites for the promotion of any project or business on the Internet right now, right on this page. But before you save this link in your Favorites, read the important information and get confirmation that this is really the best sites for promotion. Fact one. The selection of these specialized sites, services and platforms is carried out by a team of more than two thousand people. The members of this team not only have tremendous experience in Internet promotion, but are also employees of the same project. If you are not yet familiar with the … Continue reading Best Websites for Promotion

Elven Land blockchain state. Let’s start

The financial basis for the Elven Land blockchain of the state has almost been created, there are only a few cryptocurrencies left to launch and this will be done by the end of 2021. After that, we move on to the NFT and GameFi stage, the scenario for which has already been created and is currently being detailed. The project team is almost completely formed and now is the best time to proceed to the start of construction of Elven Land blockchain state. Therefore, in order not to repeat myself, I will simply quote my post today in the project … Continue reading Elven Land blockchain state. Let’s start


As you already know, friends, all the participants of the Elven Land project are actively involved in the extraction of positive crystals. Today, positive is what is most lacking in our life. The collective positive is the same as the collective immunity against all the shit that tons of media and all kinds of political manipulators are pouring on us. If this idea is close to you and you are ready to make your own contribution to its implementation, then we invite you to join any of the Pozitek groups, in any social network, in any language of the world. … Continue reading Poziteca

Elven Land keywords and facts

As you know, the blockchain state Elven Land is now one of the hottest topics, if not on the Internet, then in the crypto world for sure. Many authors, bloggers and crypto writers are now writing articles on this topic. Especially for them, this article contains some facts about this interesting project. The information that is collected here will be constantly updated and supplemented for the convenience of people who write about Elven Land. The main key phrases by which a project is found in search engines are such as Elven Land, Elven Club, Elven Coin. The first of 26 … Continue reading Elven Land keywords and facts

Elven Land State Creation

Today, after half of all cryptocurrency, all coins have already been released, and thus a financial base has been created, we can talk about the creation of the blockchain state of Elven Land. In the very near future, another important OFICO coin will be released, which is the cryptocurrency of the HR team of the Elven Land project, and we will begin an active phase of preparation for the creation of Elven Land. Already today, any of the members of the groups indicated on the page of groups and chats of the Elven Land project can take part in … Continue reading Elven Land State Creation