Mankind is developing at a rapid pace. You do not even have time to realize how the world is changing, but even to trace the most basic news. However, not everything is so sad, at least, we have the project “Levelnauts”, which helps us to organize, to set goals correctly and to achieve them in the most optimal way.

On the other hand, in order to take advantage of all the achievements of progress, all the benefits that appear every day, require considerable resources. How can they be received today? The Levelnauts and guests of our project are invited to do this with the help of crypto currency.

This is quite a large concept, you can even say – the Crypto-Currency World, or abbreviated Crypto World. It would be possible, of course, to devote to it a separate site, and a huge number of subsections of the menu. But in this case, the order of actions (especially to beginners) will not be very clearly seen, and the entire Architecture of the Crypto World will not be understandable in general.

Therefore, your attention is offered an article in which you can choose not only what you are interested in (by clicking on the highlighted word-link), but also you have a great opportunity to simply follow the algorithm described below.

Architecture of the Crypto World

First floor. This is a kind of “personnel department”, “registry” or “reception desk hotel”, as you please. It all depends on what you plan to do and how to act in the Crypto World.

First of all, you need to prepare your bitcoin-wallet and your working place (make folders, bookmarks, register everywhere, etc.). Only after that it will be possible to go further.

In addition, on the same floor, it already makes sense to register in various payment systems and exchangers. And raise money for them. You can not pay cash from your personal or family budget, but simply begin to collect in your purse start-up capital with the help of various buxes and  bitcoin faucets, more or less stable cloud mining services, pseudo miningdoing simple task,collect bonuses and even doing tasks at some non-crypto projects. More information about the best services can be found in our reviews and articles on the site.

In order to make this work not so boring (it is rather monotonous), you can turn on the cool radio and have fun as the matter progresses.

Second floor. Here you go through training and at the same time begin to practice in a variety of ways. There is a lot of work to be done before anything begins to work out.

Remember that before you in Crypto World came a lot of other people who also like you are hoping for something good in this place to get.

Therefore, try to learn as much as possible and better: visit specialized social networks,  forums, closely follow the news on the cryptocurrency, study the weight of services and opportunities, etc.

Third floor. At this level, you start the most active earnings. On this floor – it’s time to start working at cryptocurency stock market, where it is desirable to develop your own strategy. Also at this level, it makes sense to get acquainted with the earnings on the ICO information, and at the same time collect there all bonuses and participate in bounty affiliate programs on the Internet. At this stage, of course, it is useful to study the list of basic cryptocurrencies well and be able to use it.

Actually. your should have your own strategy for working with crypto currency you need it not only for exchanges, but for other  matters. Everything done in this direction should be mobile, since this sphere of activity itself presupposes high mobility.

On this floor, you already have a certain experience and it’s time to share with your followers the best affiliate programs for earning cryptocurrency in the web. In order for you to have many partners, use the services for promotion and link shorteners to make it all more convenient and profitable to do.

Fourth floor. Preservation and investment. This is the most interesting and pleasant, but you need to get another fourth floor, so carefully read and follow all instructions.

Cellars and Lofts. About these elements of the architecture of the building of Crypto World, in this article we will not talk. at least for now.

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