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– if you are tired of permanent scams and fraudulent projects;
– if you want to make money in crypto content and mlm social networks;
– if you want to become a true leader in this area and build your own big team;
– if you want to receive insider information and be the first to join new projects;
– if you want to share useful information with like-minded people,
then the CryptoNetLeader project is for you.

Now a few words about myself. My name is Boris Siomin. I have been working in networking and SMM (social media marketing) since 2003. And since 2016, I have been engaged in the direction of crypto social networks, and that was the reason to create my project

Having analyzed all my experience in networking and in crypto social networks, I came to the firm conclusion that you can do anything, but if you want to earn serious money and at the same time encounter scam projects as little as possible, then you need to do this only at mlm and crypto social networks.

In other words, if you want to earn serious money, then you need to become a leader in this direction, which I call CryptoNetLeader. I recommend that you understand this truth as soon as possible and begin serious work in this direction.

If you do everything according to my recommendations, then very soon you will begin to receive an income equivalent to 1000$ per month or more. When exactly this happens I can’t say for sure, it all depends on how much time you can devote to this business. But even doing this 2 hours a day, in six months you will definitely be able to achieve the goal.

What do we have to do? As I said, you must absolutely follow my instructions.

First of all, I recommend joining the Entrepreneurs Club – participation in which is free, but you can get a lot of help there, as well as free tools for promotion and choose a mentor in any successful team. I am included in the management of this project, so you can always count on my help. In addition, at, I am the leader of the most promising, in my opinion, Markethive company. This company is not only a social business network, but also an excellent service for promoting anything.

Then You can do the following steps

1. Register three new, different accounts from the most popular mail services, for example GMail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

2. Create new accounts (even if you were previously registered) in mlm social networks. If you see *** near the website, this means that you need to register the so-called “triangle” in this project, that is, open two more accounts under your main account (you can arrange them for your close relatives – this is just a formality) and tell me your all nicknames (logins) in these networks after registration to my email address –

We are currently working with the following projects *** ***

3. After that, you will receive a package from me in which very simple actions for each day will be described. These actions can be done by absolutely anyone, regardless of experience and knowledge. In addition, all this is absolutely legal and comfortable, there are no moral or physical inconveniences. This part of the task will take about half an hour every day.

4. All the rest of the time allotted for this business you have to … study. Yes exactly. If you want to become a good specialist in this matter and achieve serious results, then you will need to study the projects with which you will work as best as possible. This is not so easy to do, but gradually you will be able to achieve high results in this.

5. In order to make it easier for you and so that you can exchange experiences and discuss current information, several groups have been created on Facebook and Telegram (in Russian and in English. I recommend joining them from the very beginning, they will help you save money) time and get help from other CryptoNetLeader project participants.

CryptoNetLeader – Telegram English
CryptoNetLeader – Telegram Russian
CryptoNetLeader – Facebook English
CryptoNetLeader – Facebook Russian

6. Finally, make your own WordPress site as I did. It will cost only $ 8 per month, but you will not have any additional problems with paying for a domain name, hosting and most importantly with technical support. This service works almost flawlessly and your site will always be available to your readers. In addition to the numerous tools from the JetPack suite, there is also a WooCommerce platform for creating your own store and a special plugin for Search and Job Offers WP Job Manager. But that is not all. You can also connect your site to the WordPress affiliate program and get an additional source of income. In other words, this offer is beneficial from all sides.

It’s all. Not so much, is it? But I repeat once again – in order to achieve the goal, you must strictly follow the rules.

You are ready? Then start and good luck!

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