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– if you are tired of permanent scams and fraudulent projects;
– if you want to make money in crypto content and mlm social networks;
– if you want to become a true leader in this area and build your own big team;
– if you want to receive insider information and be the first to join new projects;
– if you want to share useful information with like-minded people,
then the CryptoNetLeader project is for you.

Now a few words about myself. My name is Boris Siomin. I have been working in networking and SMM (social media marketing) since 2003. And since 2016, I have been engaged in the direction of crypto social networks, and that was the reason to create my project

After analyzing all my experience in networking and in crypto social networks, I came to the firm conclusion that you can do anything, but if you want to earn serious money and at the same time encounter scam projects as little as possible, then you need to change your actions and then your result will change too.

I can’t say that all the time and money that I spent on HYIPs, scams or low-profit projects was in vain. I was lucky and acquired something more important at that time, I met a team of like-minded people who invited me to take part in a project that is now completely changing not only the MLM industry, but also the rules of the game in the business market as a whole.

As a result, I entered the Solidar Club project management and am truly glad for this event, because the streak of my failures is over.

What is Silidar Club? This is a project in which absolutely any participant receives his share, his income, from absolutely all projects in which the whole club participates. In other words, the administration of the club creates ONE (or three, if we are talking about the so-called “triangle”) account in existing or completely new crypto projects and MLM companies. Then, under this account, all club members are registered (if they want, it is optional). At first, the top leaders of our project bought these accounts themselves, but now companies, project managers or top leaders buy such a place (or three places – a triangle) for us. In any case, it is extremely beneficial for them because thousands or even tens of thousands of new users, partners or leads join their project right away. For better understanding you can read this case and then everything will be clear for you.

Of course, you are interested in how to become part of such a team or such a formula of work. So, now I will tell about possible options. In any case, you are not required to pay any entry fee or any mandatory investment. You can do everything only of your own free will. So, let’s talk about options.

1. You are a major top leader in any existing project or company. You have a team of at least 1000 people and you have very serious positions at the very top of the project hierarchy. Then I can help you organize a meeting with the management of Solidar club (where you will make your suggestions and at least provide one new place or “triangle” in your structure). After that, it’s quite possible that your team will enter the Solidar Club Leaders Gallery and then anyone will be able to join in. The Team Leader Gallery will open shortly on, but leaders can fill out a special Google form today and apply for participation. And if you want to share information about your business – do it in our Skype Chat, here you also will find announcements about our meetings. Anyone can join this chat anytime.


2. You can join any of the teams already represented in the Solidar Club Gallery (of your choice) and start working under the leadership of the leader of this team.

3. You can become a part of my CryptoNetLeader team and this is precisely my personal suggestion. But I want to warn you right away that I don’t need people in my team who just want to get a passive income or a share of all Solidar Club projects. I am interested in participants who want to develop this project. First of all, I need users who speak different foreign languages ​​(in order to develop the project in different parts of the world), as well as just active people who want to become top leaders in the future.

Beginners, of course, will have to learn a lot. And this is understandable, because if you want to become a good specialist in this matter and achieve serious results, then you will need to study the projects with which you will work as best as possible. This is not so easy to do, but gradually you will be able to achieve high results in this.

5. In order to make it easier for you and so that you can exchange experiences and discuss current information, several groups of the social network Facebook were created in the Telegram messenger (in Russian and in English). I recommend you join them from the very beginning, they will help you save time and get help from other people.In the future, right here on this page I will add other groups in other languages ​​that will be organized by the participants of the CryptoNetLeader project. Also in these groups you will get all insides and links to the new accounts.

CryptoNetLeader – Telegram English
CryptoNetLeader – Telegram Russian
CryptoNetLeader – Facebook English
CryptoNetLeader – Facebook Russian

You can also create your own website on the platform WordPress as I did. It will cost only $ 8 per month, but you will not have any additional problems with paying for a domain name, hosting and most importantly with technical support. This service works almost flawlessly and your site will always be available to your readers. Such a website (or blog) will help a lot to your future or existing team.

It’s all. Not so much, is it? But I repeat again – in order to achieve the goal, you must strictly follow the rules.

You are ready? Then forward! Good luck

And this is a list of projects in which our CryptoNetLeader team earns revenue acting in the Solidar Club project:


















If you are not interested in my proposal, then eat up with your friends this information, and you yourself can continue to act alone. It is possible that you will find some way of your own. In this case, here are a few more useful links on the crypto topic for you.

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