Goals and Mission

p>Levelnaut is an online community whose main goal is to provide educational and other services for all Internet users.

The Levelnaut Team is a group of people who have decided to act together in the same direction. What one person cannot do, can be done by a group of like-minded people who work in the same information field.



Problem. So many internet users are trying to start their own online business. Unfortunately, the following happens very often: people pay a rather large first registration fee and this is where their business ends. The reasons can vary from lack of experience to the most common scam. As a rule, having received such a negative result, people stop all attempts to start their own business or become a partner of an existing project.

Solution. In short, the solution to this problem can be based on four main points – low financial start (with a gradual increase), project diversification, user motivation and information support.
Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these points.

1. Low financial start.

2. Diversification of projects. At each of the levels, projects are selected not only based on the amount of the minimum start, but also taking into account the variety of projects in terms of their reliability and activity in the specialized market.

3. It is very important that the partner has high motivation and unquenchable interest in participating in the proposed projects. Therefore, their selection also takes into account the diversity of directions and the relevance in everyday life.

4. In contrast to the system of information attack on a new partner accepted today, we offer a less aggressive approach. Instead of a powerful information flow, we offer a set of information tools (LevelBook), which will allow you to very quickly understand the algorithm of actions of each of the projects, as well as an information support group in a suitable language.