Levelnaut Tool-Kits and Strategy

What is there in the TOOL KIT (PACKAGE) of a certain color?

– description of the company, including the most important points

– instructions on what and how to do first (short strategy instructions)

– long-term strategy, recruiting and investing (recommendations from experienced leaders)

– check-list that is needed so that users can act effectively, use time management and control the daily implementation of a personal plan

– information aboutl online support in a suitable language – addresses of support groups in the most popular instant messengers

All information is constantly updated in accordance with its relevance.

All information is provided on the official website of the company in English, but the instructors of the Support Groups, after you join, will provide you with all the materials if necessary.



At the moment 3×50 is the basic strategy of Levelnaut and defines three basic directions of development related to Projects, Products and Services.

The first part of this strategy has already been implemented, and we have identified 50 projects and platforms with which we work, develop and invest. In this list, which is divided into 10 levels, changes are quite possible, nevertheless, this direction can be considered developed.

The second area is our Products. Our branded products are tool kits for a wide variety of areas of activity on the Internet. We are already actively using them in working with Projects. In the current period of activity of

In addition, along with the production of Products, we plan to provide a wide range of Services for partners of our company, as well as for any Internet users. We plan to increase the number of such services to 50 in the very near future.

Levelnaut Project is a very good chance for everyone to succeed in these three basic directions – Money, Health and Knowledge. The most active participants will be able to move on in their professional career too.