Modern Crochet: Essential Skills for Getting Started
Painting with Thread: Modern Embroidery for Beginners

Cooking and Culinary
Cooking Basics | All You Need To Know
Cooking Like a Chef: 5 Fundamental Skills for Kitchen Success
Creative Cooking: Simple Sauces to Elevate Every Meal
How to Cook Productively – A Meal Planning System for Beginners
Knife Skills: A Mini Class to Chop Like a Chef

From Zero to Poker Hero: Texas Hold’em for Beginners
Learn to Solve the Rubik’s Cube the Easiest Way (CFOP Tutorial)
Make an Area Control Board Game – a Finish This Game project
Pass Go: Design Your First Table Top Card Game
Serious Gaming
The Magical Experience: Learn how to Perform Sleight of Hand Magic

Baking Basics: Make Perfect Pastries Every Time
Baking for Beginners: Simple Recipes for Desserts from Scratch
Bread Baking 101: Master Artisan Breads at Home
Easy & Versatile Baking: The One Yeast Dough You Need to Know
Vegan Baking 101: Gluten Free Desserts for a Healthy Life
Bread Making
Bread Making

Intermediate Embroidery: Explore Collage, Portraits & Embellishments
Mixed Media Embroidery For Beginners: 7 Days of Botanical Prompts
Mixed Media Sewing: Blend Painting, Embroidery, & Sewing
Painting with Thread: Modern Embroidery for Beginners
Stitching Woodland Creatures 101: Exploring Texture in Hand Embroidery

Flower Arranging
Flower Arranging: Learn How to Arrange Like a Pro!/a>
Flower Arranging For Beginners At Home
Mindfulness Flower Arranging
Modern Flowers: Arranging a Stunning Centerpiece
Secrets to Arranging a Beautiful Flower Posy

Knitting 101: Everything You Need to Knit With Confidence
Knitting I: Learn the Basics with a Simple Scarf
Knitting II: Learn Stitch Widths with a Triangle Scarf
Knitting III: Learn Knitting in the Round with a Slouchy Hat
What’s New in Knitting: Make Your Own Clutch | Learn with Wool and the Gang

Beauty Tips and Tricks : An Introduction to Applying Makeup
DIY Beatrix Crown and Horns + Makeup (Lords Mobile Halloween Look)
Color Theory for Makeup: Eyeshadows
How to create Everyday/Work makeup look – Like a Pro
Red Carpet Ready: Makeup Skills for Evening Looks

Pattern Making
Adventures in Gouache: Painting and Pattern Making Techniques
Easy Peasy Pattern Making
Easy Seamless Patterns with the New Pattern Making Tool in Adobe Photoshop
Intro to Clo 3D – Garment Pattern Making in 3D
Pattern Making for beginners: How to Draft a Skirt Block

Screen Printing
Draw With Me in Procreate: Mid Century Screen Printing Style
Fast Screen Printing with Stencils: Make a Cool T-Shirt or Tote
Poster Design: Textures and Halftones for Screen Printing
Screen Printing Fundamentals
Screen-Printing Grain Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Hand Sewing Basics: Work Wonders with Fabric, Needle & Thread
Sewing Alterations: Fit Shirts to Your Body with Darts & Seam Adjustments
Sewing Basics: Make Your Own Clothing

T-Shirt Design
How To Make t shirt design on Computer : Adobe Photoshop Tutorial 2020 Episode 4
T-Shirt Design Workshop 01: Foundation
T-Shirt Design Workshop 02: Using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Hand-Drawing Techniques
T-Shirt Design Workshop 03: Photos & Type in Procreate App, Photoshop, and Illustrator
The Definitive Guide to T-Shirt Design and Manufacturing

Tea Ceremony
2 ITA Certified Tea Courses-Chinese Tea Ceremony & History
30 Tea Cultures Around the World
4 Ancient Chinese Science of Tea Blending and Wellness
Chapter One of Chinese Tea Art Micro-course: Basic Knowledge
Chapter Two of Chinese Tea Art Micro-course: Green Tea
Chinese Tea Art Junior
Introduction to Tea
Japanese Tea Ceremony

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