The Story of Creation

For the first time, the idea of ​​creating an independent project called Levelnaut appeared in 2019. Many Internet users remember this year well because of the huge number of scam (fraudulent) projects. This year there were so many of them in the field of making money on the Internet that it was almost impossible to find a more or less reliable project.

Internet users lost a huge amount of money, mainly cryptocurrencies, but the situation not only did not improve, but on the contrary, it got worse and worse.

It was then that a small group of users from different countries, under the leadership of the current CEO of Levelnaut, Boris Siomin, decided to unite and exchange operational information on this topic. thus the first group in the Telegram network appeared, which was called CoinsFree. After that, the group changed its name several times and was even completely re-created. As a result of this, the BestCrypto, CryptoNetLeader and others groups appeared.

But the main meaning of all these associations remained the same – the exchange of information, which reduces the likelihood of joining a fraudulent project.

It should also be noted that Boris Siomin had already by that time authored a book about time management and goal setting, in which levelnauts appeared. In addition, he had already officially opened his own online business and all that remained was to unite all ideas and people into one big project.

This is exactly what happened on October 10, 2020.