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First of all read the following information about WTP

Who are WebTokenProfit Ambassadors?

WebTokenProfit Ambassadors are the most active participants in the project who support it in a variety of ways in their region of residence.
Unlike other similar programs of the international crypto community, WebTokenProfit has the exact number of positions in this profile.
In total, the company’s career plan involves 705 Ambassadors (aacording to the world regions).

Who can apply for the WebTokenProfit Ambassador program?

In order to participate in the Program as the WebTokenProfit Ambassador, you must:
– have valid accounts in all projects of the company
– at least one of the projects must have at least 10 registered partners with non-zero accounts
– confirm their readiness to assist in holding local meetings (meet-ups)
– confirm your interest in career at WTP

What can WebTokenProfit Ambassadors count on?

– being one of the first project participants to receive all the news of the company
– getting financial assistance in holding regional meetings
– priority in occupying vacancies when contacting the HR department of the company

If you are interested in the position of Ambassador WebTokenProfit and meet all the specified criteria, then you can submit an application (of any form) HERE

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