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Many of my friend ask me to make a Step-by-step manual for better understanding the way WebTokenProfit project works. Believe me, guys, it is really impossible to do that in one “short instruction”. The project (or better to say a big company now) works in so many directions and has so many tools and platforms, that the mentioned manual could be easily a separate book. That is why, i will tell you just about FIRST STEPS.

  1. Prepare any some of money, at least 30 dollars in cryptocurrency BTC or ETH.
  2. Go to any any stock exchange where WEC is traded  (but best of all to Coin Galaxy) and change your cryptocurrency into WEС (Web Coin Pay)
  3. Go to WebTokenProfit Binary and register there.
  4.  Get your first partner link and save it in a special document, where you will keep all your WTP links.
  5. Transfer money from stock exchange, by pressing WITHDRAW from your WEС balance to the balance WEC at WebTokenProfit Binary.
  6. Usually transactions are fast here, but the maximum time is 24 hours.
  7. Activate the minimal package at WebTokenProfit Binary for 30$ equivalent in WEC equivalent.
  8.  Go to INFORMATION and STRATEGY pages.
  9.  Register in other WTP platforms and websites.
  10.  Start learning carefully by menas of all presented there video, pdf and powr point presentations – the way the whole project works.
  11. Choose the suitable chat, group, channel and FB page to get all the news and answers to your questions in YOUR NATIVE languages.
  12. Join OUR TEAM Telagram Chat and communicate there in any language you want.

Mind, that it is very-very-very short instruction. But I hope it will help you to make the first step. Good luck!

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